We are a 100% company with Honduran capital, focused on promoting the use of solar energy. We offer renewable energy solutions through the supply and installation of photovoltaic panels offering products of the highest technology, always maintaining an excellent quality of service to our customers and a close relationship of mutual cooperation with our suppliers.

We listen carefully and evaluate the specific needs of our clients, to create customized energy saving solutions, obtaining for them significant monthly and annual savings on their electric energy bills.

We understand the importance of ensuring adequate energy production over the years. There is a wide variety of photovoltaic products on the market, at Tesla Energy we make sure to choose products whose quality tests belong to the highest industry standards. This ensures that the operating specifications of each solar cell and the system as a whole remain unchanged throughout its useful life.

Thanks to our extensive experience, constant training and focus on customer service, Tesla Energy is the ideal company in energy savings through photovoltaic systems that guarantee the optimization of your investment, as well as the highest possible result in quality, reduction of costs and operational efficiency.